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comment to added

so your add on additup. we have a lot of things in common and i looove people from indonesia :) i'm from the philippines!

added! ;) MAN i know a lot of filos lol

don't hold back when it comes to blogging, i find it's the healthiest way to release negative feelings and somewhat.

oh, by the way, i'm mary; 15; londoner
found you on an add me community and you sound pretty cool, so lj friends?

lj friends XD

I'm 15 too (you probably already know that lol) and I've always wanted to go to London, well, England in general. It comes in second to Disneyland lol

Hi, I'm Kristie; turning 14 in a little less than 2 months.

I saw you in an adding community and you seemed pretty cool, so I added you. Add back? (:

Saw you in addme_teen, I commented on your post there, but then noticed that I was supposed to comment on your journal instead. Oops.

My name is Alanna, 15, from Pennsylvania in the US of A. And my personality is very similar to yours. :)

Like everyone else said, don't be afraid to use your journal for whatever you want to rant about. If anyone doesn't like it, screw them.

Hellooo again! =3

Yeah, I'll probably write about them anyway, and if they see it and get mad they'll accuse of bitching or something. It's called ranting! Meh.

hiii, i'm adding you, add me? :-D ♥

Hey there. You look interesting and I want to get to know you. Add? <333

Hi.. =]
I saw you on an addme community..
and commented there..

Now I'm here to say, you seem really awesome so far.
Can I add you?


I just laughed my throat out at your Sparrabeth rant, delusional bunch they are.

I came here through the post you made in the Willabeth community, I'd be pretty interested on making a site and since you took the initiative to bring us one step closer to that, I think you're pretty cool and I'd like to be your friend, if that's ok with you of course.

I also added you on MSN, please don't think I'm some kind of stalker or something, I just want Willabeth! Forever and ever and ever!

hey im danika
hope its okay if i add you :]

Hey this is Mara from HTR, add me back?

i'm ika here from singapore
hope u'll add me back

You like The Killers and C/C. I'm adding you.

Heyyy, it's Jess from IDF. I'm gonna add you!

Adding you right back! ;)

Hi I'm Andie. You have the prettiest Mavid banner ever, and it says comment to be added, so I guess that's what I'm doing? I'm so new to lj and I need to learn things!

Added right back ;)

Someone from the Mavid comm made it and it was up for grabs XD I desperately wanted to change my LJ layout so I took it lol

My layout doesn't work properly on IE though...grrr...