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[reposted post]Layout 056 : Aluminum Edge & Silver Trim
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Thanks to everyone who supported my Relay for Life fundraiser! Here's a new layout; inspired by this year's kick-ass film and car releases.

mj - fierce gqmf

I really, REALLY wanted to love this, but it's lacking a fire I haven't seen in Britney Spears since her Toxic era. I was waiting for her to dance, and although she did, she didn't "attack" it. /blackswan

It manifests (or rather, it doesn't) in her expression, which is rather flat all the time.

In contrast, the energy she had in the "Me Against the Music" music video was incredible. The song is so meh but the music video is so fierce, and not just because the Queen is in there too:

(I was gonna include a gif but my internet is slow as hale. I'm stealing Final Cut Suite as we speak.)

Her dancing is just BAM BAM BAM. In the HIAM video, it's like visual white noise.

I get the impression that she just doesn't have the passion for performing anymore.

I enjoyed the paint thing though, lol.
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What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?

Sailor Moon! It advocated both girl power and individuality! ♥


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